Easier Said Than Done

November 16, 2017


I was speaking with a client not too long ago who wanted to be released from the emotional pain she was feeling. She requested a ‘process’ she could use to move from pain to peace. I chose The Three-Step Process: Self Perception (a free pdf on the miraculous musings website.) She made a commitment to complete the form within a week and report back as to her progress.


On our next call she said it ‘didn’t work’ and wanted another exercise. After some digging, I discovered the following: She enthusiastically started out by quieting her mind and turning her intentions over to Holy Spirit. Next, her ego immediately took over and became quite ‘spiritual’ as she filled out Step One of her form. She felt overwhelmed by her grievances and could not move on to Step Two of releasing her old way of thinking. She believed her pain was her shield that protected her. This idea completely blocked her from Step Three, preventing the flow of God’s love to enter into her mind, opening her up to a new way of thinking.


Many of us get stuck holding on to grievances and have an unwillingness to let them go. Somehow we feel that they benefit us and justify our behaviors towards others. Perhaps it’s just that we lack the correct motivation. If our lives depended on changing our perception would we do it? Of course we would. Well, our lives do depend on it! By getting our egos out of the way and allowing God’s love to flow within us, a shift in perception (miracle) is possible in every relationship, and allows us to move from our grievances to feelings of peace.


Here’s the form I use in my life coaching practice: The Three-Step Process: Self Perception.


In Peace and Ease,

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