A Different Reflection

November 16, 2017


Below, I present a face which is eternal, not in its physicality, but in possessing a different reflection in mind content.


It was dark when I decided to let go of a busy day. Comfortable in my recliner, I turned on the television and began to channel surf, seeking to relax into something innocuous on its screen. I paused at a program that looked like a huge rock concert being conducted in Central Park, NYC. Ordinarily, I would have quickly passed by this type of concert, being a 50’s kid, preferring my favorite 50’s pop songs. But there was something, some invisible force, which made me hesitate. Three hours later (I had lost all track of time), I was still listening. I hadn’t moved from my chair and my soul was filled with youthful energy of absolute love, prayer, forgiveness, and peace. In that time, I had totally transitioned from perceiving the weary, hateful and chaotic world of the present to a world of HOPE FOR TOMORROW. To me, the participants represented the face of the Christ.


ACIM offers this idea which comes along with the presentation of an eternal face: “There is no peace except the peace of God. Seek you no further. You will not find peace except the peace of God. Accept this fact, and save yourself the agony of yet more bitter disappointments, bleak despair, and sense of icy hopelessness and doubt. Seek you no further. There is nothing else for you to find except the peace of God.”


It reminds me that God’s peace is already in me, and appears to my conscious mind the moment I surrender to it as the only true perception in the world. And, oh yes! I cannot surrender to something outside of myself. I can only surrender to my Self. I had taken this step while watching the concert.

In closing, I am reminded about another favorite passage in ACIM: “Only be quiet. You will need no rule but this, to let your practicing today lift you above the thinking of the world, and free your vision from the body’s eyes. Only be still and listen.”



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