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August 25, 2017

Has a friend ever asked for your input about a situation, you offered them what you thought was brilliant advice; only to discover they took the actions they wanted to anyway, much to their detriment?  It can be so frustrating watching someone you care about make less than favorable choices for themselves, sometimes over and over again.  The next time someone asks for your advice, and they will, here is another choice to think about BEFORE you respond.  It’s an excerpt from the book, The Healing Power of Kindness, by Ken Wapnick.


“Your role is not to be brilliant in your judgment of someone else, any more than it is your part to be brilliant in analyzing why someone is sick or not getting better.  Your job is simply to be aware that your concern about someone else is a projection of something unhealed in you.  Once aware of that,  you then have a meaningful basis for asking help of Jesus – not for help in looking at the other person differently, or for help so you would say the most loving thing, but for help to forgive yourself.  At that point, then, everything you say will be loving and kind.”


Ken unlocks the secrets of kindness in his short video: Kindness


In Peace and Ease,


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