How To Find Peace Now

August 11, 2017

 My mindful meditation teacher always says that while we’re meditating and our minds wander (we all do it), to bring it back to the moment, to the breath.  The key is choosing the moment (peace) again and again while the ego is busy searching our minds for fear.  For me, even if it’s choosing just a moment of peace, I’ve won a moment of love.



The following quote is from The Gifts Of God by Helen Schucman.  It helps me remember the value of coming back to the breath and who is waiting for me there.


“Choose once again” is still your only hope.  Darkness cannot conceal the gifts of God unless you want it so.  In peace I come, and urge you now to make an end to time and step into eternity with me.  There will not be a change that eyes can see, nor will you disappear from things of time.  But you will hold my hand as you return because we come together.


Have a favorite short ACIM-related poem, phrase, or blessing?  Feel free to email me and share.  It just might get published:

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