The Truth Is True

January 18, 2017


The truth is true and does not need our belief in it to be true.  Think about it!


ACIM states the above idea in this way:  The peace of God [which is what truth is] passeth your understanding only in the past.  Yet here it is, and you can understand it now.


As I am reaching the 80th year of my life this month, I seem to have come to my own “branching of the road.”  I am awakening to the truth that my reasoning’s of the past, which informed me that I must continually look at my judgments, made a complex world never to find a lasting presence of peace.  Well, so much for that; it hasn’t worked, nor will it ever.  This discovery led to my current reasoning’s that most, if not all of us, are constantly seeking change while at the same time fearing the very change we seek.  Why does every peaceful moment end all too soon?  Hmmmm…Here I am, now an elder, and I often seem to be more of an expert on mood swings than anything else.


On the other hand, the richness of my experiences over time, has given me a deeper truth that it is not so complicated after all.  It is my belief that in God’s truth, I am only dealing with two options in my decision making process.  Either I choose to think beyond the body and extend God’s Love without exception, or I choose to withhold God’s Love and identify everyone and myself as a body followed by my justifications to judge against them. This precludes me from experiencing the ‘I AM PRESENCE’, changeless, formless, and one with all others we perceive. God’s peace encompasses only this, in truth.


Take a moment to read and slowly absorb this passage from ACIM, which is remarkably clear and powerful: Would you not go through fear to love?  For such the journey seems to be.  It is a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed.  You dwell not here, but in eternity.  You travel but in dreams while safe at home.  There is no journey, but only an awakening.  You are coming home together, after a long and meaningless journey that you undertook apart, and led you nowhere.  You have found your brother and you will light each other’s way… You will be still an instant and go home.






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