To Know Your Brother Is To Know God

April 6, 2016


The following passage is written in ACIM: Look once again upon your brother, not without the understanding that he is the way to Heaven or to hell as you perceive him. But forget not this; the role you give to him is given you, and you will walk the way you pointed out to him because it is your judgment on yourself.


This does not mean you ignore or attempt to overlook behaviors and activities that appear to be offensive in your eyes. It does, however, ask you to recognize that our function is to work together with others because..the whole power of God’s Son lies in all of us, but not in any one of us alone. You act upon this idea by joining your mind with the minds of others. Only minds can join; Bodies cannot join because the laws of physics in the world dictate that two objects cannot occupy the same space. This fact does not include our minds which are formless and changeless. Yes, what is written here does stipulate that everything you perceive is in your mind, including your perception of your body and all other bodies as well. That is quite a stretch, is it not? Is it possible for you to be open-minded about this possibility? I believe with all my heart that this is true, and any contemplation of this idea alone, in my opinion, turns us firmly towards the Gates of Heaven.


As closure, I would ask you to slowly read this passage from ACIM: Nothing is asked of you but to accept the changeless and eternal that abides in [your brother], for your Identity is there. The peace in you can but be found in him. And every thought of love you offer him but brings you nearer to your wakening to peace eternal and to endless joy.



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