Terrorist Within

March 14, 2016


What do you feel when you hear or read the word ‘terrorist’? Recently, I read that in its broadest sense, ‘terrorism is the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce to gain control. It brings about a state of fear and submission to achieve its success. Terrorism feeds on fear. The absence of fear starves terrorism in every form of its only nourishment.’ Are you thinking what I am? Sounds like the ego taking hold, doesn’t it? Let’s interchange the words and see what we get.


The ego (terrorist within) confronts you every day with thoughts and suggestions that there is something wrong with you for which you will have to pay a penalty. Peace of mind is lost and fear in its many forms has taken over. The ego holds you hostage, reinforcing the little image of yourself with its need to control.


Fear simply obscures your ability to transform your ‘terrorist’ thoughts to those shared with the Holy Spirit. Once you recognize the terrorist, in order to experience peace, you have to ask the Holy Spirit for a shift in perception. You no longer tolerate your terrorist within (ego) and find your peace, within the holy instant, transforming your feelings of pain to those of love.


Stop negotiating with your ‘terrorist within’. “When you want only love you will see nothing else.” ACIM Text, p 215.


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