The Bottom Line for all Healing is Kindness

October 21, 2015


After experiencing a particularly stressful day, I decided to sit in quiet after putting on some soothing meditation music to assist me in releasing the stress I had been feeling.  I found myself very quickly entering into a wonderfully silent space, removing all cares of the day and eventually moving to a place of quiet contemplation.  How luxurious and velvety it felt.  My mind was still.  Almost immediately, within the silence, I became aware of a Presence which began speaking very softly in my ear…


Saying no to the unloving behavior of a brother and being kind are neither mutually exclusive nor are they opposites.  Rather, they are meant to be used one in consonance with the other.  It is always a matter of your intention, and will be perceived by your brother as loving or not, depending upon the intention established for you by your request of the Holy Spirit, which is always the truth.  As a Teacher of God, you have been assigned for many years in doing specific spiritual healing work for those who have been sent to you for help, which have always been perfectly matched to the gifts God has given you, which includes the gift of kindness toward others.  Accordingly, it is essential for you to remember that ACIM is a course in mind content and never a course in form.  Otherwise you may still become confused as to whether or not a convergence of saying no to behavior and the simultaneous extension of kindness have actually occurred.   Because of recent experiences you have learned this lesson, although you would have preferred an easier path.


Do I expect that I will never stumble again?  Of course not!  But I did do the above suggested process, it worked, and I felt renewed. I cannot and will not go back, however, because I realize now that there is no such thing as going back; we always in all ways are continuing to move forward in order to awaken to our only eternal Home.


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