The Best Detox Ever

October 15, 2015


I made a pivotal decision on January 1, 2015 that changed my life forever. I decided to take one year of my life and devote it to god by completing 365 ACIM Workbook Lessons. Yes, I know it sounds daunting. And quite frankly, it has been.


With all of the trendy ‘detox’ recipes available out there to cleanse the body (I admit, some of which I have tried) I decided to take the only real detox worth taking; detoxing my mind from fear to love. The workbook lessons have been my answer, or should I say a work in progress.


So far, it has been almost a daily roller coaster ride, ranging from feelings of extreme fear to overwhelming love. For those of you who have completed the lessons, you know what I mean. Sometimes, it takes everything I have just to read the lesson and spend a few moments with the holy spirit without judgement. Almost daily, I take back my moments of peace as meaningless and replace them with judgments and condemnation of people, places, and things. My favorite topics range from my health to current events to relationships that don’t seem to be working according to my standards. My fellow ACIM students often say that if you are stuck on a lesson just move on. I was thinking it was a good idea, as I would get out of doing a lesson that brought me upset and move on to something else. However… it doesn’t seem to matter what lesson I am on, the curriculum of changing my mind seems to be on every page!


Giving my life over to God has been the biggest, badass, most awesome thing I have ever done in my life! It’s a journey that knows no bounds and it has taken my most courageous thoughts to a whole new level. I am in it for myself and yet I know at the deepest core of my soul that I am doing it for everyone.



Now tell me, what body detox out there can offer that?

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