From:  A Course in Miracles “The Song of Prayer” (chap 3, pt. II par 1&2)

It (Hal’s death) merely signifies the end has come for usefulness of body functioning. And so it is discarded as a choice, as one lays by a garment now outworn.

This is what death should be; a quiet choice, made joyfully and with a sense of peace, because the body has been kindly used to help the Son of God along the way he goes to God. We thank the body, then, for all the service it has given us. But we are thankful, too, the need is done to walk the world of limits, and to reach the Christ in hidden forms and clearly seen at most in lovely flashes. Now we can behold Him without blinders, in the light that we have learned to look upon again.

We call it death, but it is liberty.


Hal's Wall

Greetings, Hal:  It has been a while since we've talked and you've been popping up in my thoughts quite a bit lately... I feel there is something I need to share with you that you may not be aware of. I was thinking about the teachers I've had in this life, and what each one has taught me. I've had many great teachers who have come to instruct me in many different, but important, areas of my life. I consider you my greatest teacher. Even though our personal interactions have, generally speaking, been relatively brief, they have been most potent. You immeasurably disturbed my inner and outer world, challenging me to find the Source of that disturbance. You did this without uttering a single unkind word to me or ever placing yourself above me. Your words have profoundly changed my thoughts and my world, empowering me to levels I never thought possible. You are truly a miracle in my life. With all my being: thank you.  I know you have struggled, at times, with your own humanity, and I also thank you for doing that.... you gave me someone I could relate to. Through it all, you taught me that our humanity is only that insignificant part of us which is operating in the world of form, and is actually affecting nothing. That it is our divinity, operating in the realm of Spirit (of God), affecting and effecting every experience we own. You also taught me that I am not writing this to you, but to God. I know.... but I wanted you to know, too. I love you. God Bless You.-Robert Walmsley-


This poem gets revised as Spirit sees fit, and 3 is magical to me. I dedicate it to you.

Healing Light 3 (to Hal)


I open to the essence of the being that I AM,

releasing all illusions that confound me.

I let them go, that I may know the reason that I came

to be the healing light that was around me.


I bring my heart to rest within the energies that heal,

astounded by the forces of Creation;

my mental focus centers on the elementary field

that brings into awareness transformation.


I calm the harsh vibration, like a blanket over sound,

affecting every frequency in matter.

I purify the rhythm, bring polarity to ground,

then unify what separation scattered.


Within the nature of our light are healing rays conceived:

expanding from the heart of true intention.

Without a fear, our vision clear, true balance is achieved

within the wholeness of our love invention.


Extending from this station of creation comes a gift

evoked by love to gently change perception.

The miracle of healing comes the moment mind can shift

from fearful thoughts into the form's perfection.



Hal's Essence Lives!  knowing Hal from first meeting 30 years ago at his "Center for Life Awareness,"  blazed Light in my heart and mind.  His Love and Dedication to the Course inspired me, his kindness a loving example.  I'll miss our ongoing exchange of New York jokes, his sense of humor, his laugh, big dimples and great smile.  Stated again, he's one who changed many, making us better for knowing him. His Essence Lives.

Love, JoAnn

The last time I saw Hal was in Sedona probably 10 years or more ago. He was just the same as when I had met him in the early 90’s, when he was running the Southwest Miracles Center.. Indeed, I remember being with him on a night of severe crisis at the Southwest Miracles Center and he was just the same then. As I look back, I realize that Hal was always the same, whenever I saw him, always upbeat and positive, and always serving. He couldn’t stop, it seems, sharing the message. That sharing just seemed to be part of him, in the same way that being upbeat and positive was also part of him. In the process, I have no doubt that he has left behind masses of light in this world, and that that light has followed him wherever he has now gone.
-Robert Perry-



My connection with Hal, in time, was brief, as he led our ACIM group for only a short time after I had connected to the group. In that briefness, he managed to touch the place of eternalness within me, as kindred spirits do, and I felt assured through him, of my, "right place, right time". I think of him now and again as a remarkable soul, a remarkable light that lit the way for so may others. Peace be still and know. Blessing Hal forever forward on his journey. -Gini H-. Yarmouth NS, Canada; holding the light.



Hal started me on my spiritual path and has been my mentor, my teacher, my friend for over 30 years. He was the only Course in Miracles facilitator I ever had up until the past couple of years, and I can say that I never saw anyone ask a question that he couldn't answer. I called him many times over the years to ask him to help me see a situation another way so that I could regain my peace. I know that he touched a LOT of lives and the world is definitely a better place because of him. He can be very proud of his contribution to the world! I miss him dearly.  BUT I am glad to have him on the other side working with my husband to get the energies aligned and to give me the direction I need to be able to fulfill my divine assignment.  (You guys are awesome!) -Heather C-


Hal Lafler my best friend, my spiritual teacher, my adviser, my go to person when I had a crisis.

I met Hal during the mid-1980's at the Center for Life Awareness and he changed my life forever. I really enjoyed the hugs which were part of the Sunday service. For the first time I can remember my father hugged me not due to a lack of love but a greater demonstration of love.  I am so glad that Spirit lead me to the Center since I was about to encounter the darkest period of my life.  Hal was always there to reach out and provide me with a loving way to see things. Hal always shared from his heart. He taught me what is really important in life and how to look at things differently and peacefully. Hal facilitated and I participated and learned valuable life lessons during the first Course in Miracles group at the Center for Life Awareness. That group lasted for over a year and changed a lot of people’s lives including my own. Hal lived the course by projecting pure love, non-judgment and a concern for all people. I will terribly miss our physical one on one sharing, laughing dining and always enjoying each other’s company. We were able to share things on multiple levels and that always result in a healing that is still going on. I was able to share things with him that I haven't shared with anyone else and he always responded with love and kindness. Every once in a while Hal would mention to me that he heard from someone that he had touched and he was so pleased that he had an impact on their lives. As I would tell him “you have no idea how many lives you have touched through your teachings and being so loving”. As Hal and I mentioned the best thing we can is do loving acts of kindness and send love throughout the world. That is something we can do that is eternal. My next trip and subsequent trips to Phoenix will be very painful because I always called Hal first and would pick him up and we would go to one of our favorite places for dinner and great conversation.


One of the descriptions I came up for Hal is if you have a dog and you look into its eyes you see the absolute unconditional love and devotion the dog has for you. That to me is akin to the absolute love and devotion he had for his family and friends.

He is one of if not the greatest gift I have received in my life and there will always be a special place in my heart for him.

I “stumbled” on a song that reminds me of Hal. Elton John’s love song from his tumbleweed Connection album. It is like he is singing to me.


Hal, you are and will be terribly missed. I am hoping I can establish a connection with you. It was so much easier when you were in your body I could reach out touch, hug you and tell you I love you.


I have comfort knowing you are unencumbered and able to work from the other side spreading love and compassion.

Love, Dave H.


I met Hal in May of 2007 at one of his Unity of Surprise classes I continued and was soon an ACIM student and fan of Hal.  His last class was July 6th.  I learned from Hal and enjoyed his life stories, told to support his ACIM lessons and/or his ego frailties.   After years we became friends as well as “Stutchers.”

What a remarkable life.  He certainly came into this illusion with a mission.  After experiencing most every self- help group around, he found, fought, and then embraced ACIM.   One of his favorite lines was “just remember, when we sit down, it’s all about me”.  Yet it never ever really was all about Hal.  He gave so much to so many, yet seemed surprised at his impact.  He gave his card to all without reservation.  He would get emails, phone calls or phone messages from people thanking him for what he had done or been for them.  His contact with them often had been so far in the past he really couldn’t remember them.

I think they’re going to need a very large hall for his memorial in December.

Finally, Hal said he always used a passage from the “Song of Prayer” in the funerals and memorial services in which he officiated.   I would like now to offer this passage to my friend and teacher, Hal, who is “now without blinders, in the light” (see above) -Richard M-


I still have Hal’s phone number in my Course book.  I think of him all the time and his words echo to me on the course constantly.  I am so happy that he has transitioned, but so sad for the rest of us living in this illusion.  He was one of a kind and was my “Teacher” at the time when I needed him most.y thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends everywhere.  He will be greatly missed. -Diana M-



I spent several years in Phoenix from 2005 until 20012 and to my great joy, education, and inspiration I was lucky enough to meet up with Hal, mainly as a teacher of ACIM. What a pleasure to learn from Hal whose knowledge and experience allowed me to get a great understanding of the Course. But, in addition, and most savored by me, was his loving presence. Thank you Hal...You are Awesome. -John H-



Hal was a gentle and gracious teacher, I learned so much from him and his loving kindness. He was an inspiration and will not be forgotten by all of those whose lives he touched.  I know he is flying free now and I will be forever grateful for having known him. What a blessing to our ACIM group. -Judy W-


From his initial question "you still with us, Cal?" in my first ACIM study group Hal Lafler has been my mentor, friend, and confidant. I thought ego was a good thing, and mine just wasn't good enough. Illusions were a tool of magicians. I've learned more from this one man than anyone else in my lifetime. I sometimes referred to him as Obi Wan in person, and in writing. We shared so many things, troubled childhoods, Navy service including specialty, astrological signs, and a search for truth. He encouraged me while studying the text when I told him I just wasn't getting it, I didn't understand. Gently he told me on that some level I was, and then referred me to the passage "The ego analyses, the Holy Spirit accepts," from memory. That's how well he knew ACIM.  I went to countless study groups that he facilitated, cringed sometimes as he went into a story for the umpteenth time, and came back the next week for more.  I refuse to believe that there won’t be any more!  His words continue to echo in my mind and he's been freed of the body to teach on another level. He will still answer my stupid questions in the most loving way, and will continue to see the best in me, as he always has with everyone. I will always love you my friend, and always is a long time. Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, Hal's free at last... –Cal R-

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