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For most of my life, I have never felt at home. At times, my loneliness felt overwhelming with me always thinking I was ‘different’ from others and ‘homeless’ in a world that never understood. Now, as I go about my day, I do feel at home because I recognize it dwells within my heart and mind.

How did I get there? I learned how to take my thoughts of pain and suffering, and transformed them into ones of love and forgiveness through using the principles of A Course in Miracles. This self-study spiritual philosophy offered me the choice in every moment of staying in fear or moving to love. It is always my choice.

Is it possible to go from pain to peace in your life?  Sometimes, it looks like it’s impossible to ‘fix’ a relationship, even with your Self but there is hope.  My brand of life coaching focuses on the path from fear to love and narrows the gap between where you are now in your life and where you want to be, moving forward with greater awareness and presence.

Transforming painful relationships into fulfilling ones can be your greatest opportunity for personal growth in your life. You begin to recognize that you have the strength to forgive, the courage to walk away, the ability to let go of grievances, and the joy to celebrate the love you thought was gone.


Whether you are coping with a “failed” relationship, having problems sustaining friendships or romantic relationships, are in constant conflict with family members or colleagues, life coaching with me as your Coach can help you create solutions that sustain healthy relationships and take you from feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction, failure, and disappointment to feelings of acceptance, self-acceptance, and love.

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Hal Lafler, ACIM Facilitator, Spiritual Coaching

I believe there is another way of looking at the world which gives me a different purpose for my existence here – that purpose is to learn to love in every situation, encounter, and event in my life. My perceptions unfold either painfully or peacefully, depending upon the choices I make.

My choice of A Course in Miracles as my spiritual path has broken through my iron-clad sense of victimization by the world, and in turn, has brought me a stronger feeling of true inner peace not even remotely available to me before. As I blog about my own learning, I write from a place where I actually live as opposed to living from a place of concepts only. I feel more authentically me and feelings of love; forgiveness and ultimately peace play a greater role in my life.

Miraculous Musings is about sharing my path as a way of thinking and behaving that can lead to the healing of our minds. No matter what degree of difficulty we have assigned to healing anything in our lives, peace can be restored once again, in shorter and shorter increments of time. This, in turn, teaches us to love above all else.

In spiritual coaching, as a Practitioner, I serve as a facilitator for assisting others in recognizing that God has given everyone an Inner Teacher whose wisdom and help far exceed any earthly person’s ability to recall the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Simultaneously, then, they will also remember their true identity as a Child of God, of immeasurable value and as holy as their Creator.

There was a song back in the days of the big band sounds, the lyrics of which began with the following words: “From this moment on…” The very essence of spiritual coaching is just that! This means, of course, we can only begin healing right from where we are at any given moment in time, and if it doesn’t seem to be working, we can start over again whenever we choose.


Spiritual coaching, in this case based upon the psychological and spiritual principles of ACIM, is not intended to replace professional psychotherapy and its myriad of modalities. It is not intended to supersede medical doctors and specialists. It is not intended to replace psychotherapy, nor take the place of a Certified Life Coach. Finally, in addition, it does not mean changing one’s church affiliation. All these methods are extremely important as tools to assist all of us in obtaining and maintaining good mental health and reasonably healthy bodies.

Spiritual coaching is intended to enhance what many of us may have learned through any of the above pathways, and is central to beginning a new way of perceiving through our own Inner Teacher; A ‘new thought’ way of thinking about the age-old biblical admonition, “Physician heal thyself.”

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